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Gifts for the New Mom

Have a baby shower coming up? New parents need so many things to prepare for baby! While the expecting parent(s) would certainly appreciate anything on their registry, here are a few ideas first time parents may not have on their radar and things any mom will be sure to appreciate.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and purchase an item, we will receive affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain our own.

The Story of You baby book from Artifact Uprising

No doubt any recipient of an Artifact Uprising The Story of You baby book will be blown away. The Artifact Uprising rendition of the baby album is timeless and absolutely gorgeous. Each book is fabric covered and they offer a really beautiful array of color choices (Jackie went with honeycomb with silver foil). We love the gender-neutral and inclusive design. The pages guide you easily through the process of capturing the precious first year with baby. Each book is equipped with all supplies needed—even a beautiful pen— and includes a free set of prints. Hands down, this is the most elegant baby book we've ever seen. The Story of You baby book | Artifact Uprising

Forehead Thermometer

I have to thank my very good friend Jean for this gift when we had our first child, Bowen. We had a stick thermometer so we thought we were all set but then she proactively gifted us one of these forehead thermometers and it was a game changer! So much easier to do frequent temp checks on baby.

Customized Name Book

If the parents have revealed the future name of their baby (which I feel like I'm seeing more and more lately), a customized book with the baby's name will be a very sweet contribution to future baby's library, especially in those cases where you're asked to bring a book instead of a card. I was sent this one when we had Ayla and I just love it: Personalized Bedtime Story for Baby

An Alternative Monitor

My husband has equipped our home with WYZE cameras and I absolutely love them! We put one in the baby nursery and it had better video and sound definition than the monitor we had registered for and it was much cheaper. It also sends a feed to your phone so you don't have to carry around the monitor when baby is napping. We love these cameras so much we added to them other rooms in our house like the toyroom so we can keep an eye on the kids through our phones.

Baby Milestone Cards

Jackie gifted me a set of these baby milestone cards during my first pregnancy. I came to refer to these as the "pressure" cards, because each new month seemed to come around so quick and some days it was nearly impossible to get baby dressed, let alone sit still for a photograph. But the first year melts away so quickly that in retrospect, I am so grateful these little cards.

Mommy Milestone Wines

I saw this at a recent baby shower and thought it was so clever. Might be because I am an avid wine drinker, but assuming the mom-to-be also drinks wine, she'll get a real kick out of these labels. Score bonus points if you know her favorite wine!

A large bottle of stain remover

A large bottle of Shout® will be a completely unexpected yet super practical gift for the new mom. To up the funny, you could add step-by-step instructions on how to clean up a massive diaper blow out. It's always great to have an extra basket or container in a nursery, so why not do a themed gift basket complete with baby detergent. Experienced moms will also know to throw in a travel-sized baby laundry essentials for the diaper bag.

Daycare Labels

If you know the parents will be enrolling their baby in daycare at some point, this would be an amazing gift that will help immensely. I remember being completely overwhelmed as I started to collect everything that had to go to daycare for our first, Bowen and everything needs to be labeled. We picked out these dinosaur-themed name labels from Namebubbles and they were fantastic.

Mommy self care essentials

As I reflect back, I knew that having a baby would mean less time for my hobbies like sewing and doing yoga. What I didn't realize was that sometimes even taking a shower in those first few weeks would require calling in support! So, two things that will definitely not be on the registry—but will really help a new mom feel like she's coming back to life—would be a really nice dry shampoo, I love this one by Living Proof and a bottle or two of Expressie Nail Polish. As a mom of three now, learning of the Expressie nail polish line has been a game changer (thanks Steph!). It's a super quick dry formula so by the time you finish your last nail, the first hand is dry. You can have beautiful nails in under 15 minutes!

If you want to go big...really BIG

Finally, and full disclaimer, this is really over-the-top, but if you're the mom of the mom-to-be or the mother-in-law and looking to go really big with a gift, I have to recommend our washer and dryer combo from LG. At the time we purchased the set, it was the largest washer and dryer set that you could purchase. This has been an invaluable feature over the years. I can get all 3 kids' laundry for the week into one load and the washer can also do a "sanitize" cycle for when that inevitable stomach bug hits your home. I have also been pleasantly surprised at how well my delicates have held up without an agitator. I am grateful for these appliances every day!

Have you seen any other non-registry baby shower gifts that you found inspiring? We would love to hear from you!

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